Sizzling In The Summer Sun

June 13, 2023

Summer has finally arrived here in the UK and, oh my goodness, what an absolute scorcher it is! We have gone from really chilly days and freezing night-time temperatures to now roasting under the big yellow ball and watching our plants wilt before our very eyes! In true British style, we seem unsettled whatever the weather but the warmth and Vitamin D is certainly a welcome tonic.

Like us, our greenhouses have gone from protecting and needing additional warmth to now slowly melting and being in desperate need of ventilation and water! If your greenhouse doesn’t have automatic vent openers, be sure to open the vents/windows and doors on hot days to allow air to circulate.  Also remember to water those thirsty plants once the sun has gone down, to avoid any scorching, and add shading to the greenhouse if it’s in direct sunlight.

Although the extreme temperatures have made growing somewhat of a challenge this year, hopefully you have managed to grow some crops in your greenhouse that are now ready to harvest. There really is nothing better than eating homegrown produce outside on a warm summer’s evening as the delicious aroma from the BBQ fills the air. Oh the sweet sweet smell of summer!

Over the coming weeks we will be attending Gardeners World Live, where Lucy from She Grows Veg features our Hera greenhouse on her spectacular show garden, and then on to the ever popular Glee show.  If you’re attending please do get in touch as it would be wonderful to see some new faces and say hello to lots of familiar ones too!

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