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The greenhouse frame and base arrive in long thin, heavy duty cardboard boxes. The glass will either be boxed if horticultural glass or individual sheets if full pane toughened glass has been purchased.
We usually suggest building a greenhouse is a weekend project. Recommending the Saturday is to build the framework and Sunday to glaze it. This obviously varies depending on the size of the greenhouse. It’s important you don’t leave the greenhouse part glazed.

The assembly instructions will be in the main greenhouse box, and it will clearly state “assembly instructions in this box”. 
See Instructions tab below for all our greenhouse assembly instructions.

It is very rare for anything to be missing. The assembly instructions contain a parts list at the front of the manual with part numbers and quantities. The Greenhouse Parts are bundled together, each bundle has a number which relates to the section of the instructions (bundle 1 is for Section 1, bundle 2 – section 2 etc etc) Try not to remove the bundle number.

If you have any missing or damaged parts, then please fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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We recommend every greenhouse is built on a completely square and level slab or concrete base or if you have the Vitavia Base, the anchor spikes can be used. The exact measurement and the instructions for using the spikes can both be found on Section ‘0’ of the assembly instructions.
Some form of base is required. The front door end of the frame hangs lower than the rest of the greenhouse, so it needs to overhang either timber battens or a Vitavia Steel Perimeter base. The Steel base also helps to ensure the greenhouse is square and level before glazing etc.

Please read the assembly instructions in full before you begin assembly.
We would recommend preparing the ground first, then start with the Base frame box, followed by the Greenhouse Frame box(es), and complete the glazing last. Work through the instructions in order, try and avoid jumping ahead. There are summary written instructions at the front of the manual that should be read alongside each section.

We provide a list of highly recommended self-employed installers – if you are interested in this service, please contact either us or your retailer for more information.

Missing parts

Fill out the form below and our customer service team will be in touch as quickly as possible.

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