Spring… It’s Definitely Time You Sprung!

March 14, 2023

Normally at this time of year our seeds are sown and germinating perfectly within the greenhouse. However, here in the UK this hasn’t really been the case! We have been hit with an extremely unexpected cold snap resulting in quite a lot of snow and frost, making gardening somewhat challenging.

The best thing about growing though is it will happen, we just need to be a little patient with Mother Nature. Perhaps it has given us all a little breather that we didn’t know we needed. Maybe this unexpected cold spell has allowed us to give a bit more thought to planning what we really want to grow this year, rather than shoving seeds into soil to get it done and ticked off the extensive to-do list (guilty party over here)!

Hopefully in the coming weeks spring will push its way through and we can all get back to our outdoor spaces and bask in some much needed Vitamin D.

So let’s pull up our positive pants and get our gardening gloves at the ready as here is a list of what can be done;


  • Prepare seed trays
  • Sow bedding plant seeds
  • Sow tomatoes, onions, parsnips, sprouts, cabbage, broad beans, peas and aubergines
  • Pot up strawberry runners
  • Sow cucumber, courgette, celery, sweetcorn, runner beans, leeks and peppers


  • Water more often but don’t overwater
  • Keep temperatures within the greenhouse constant
  • Cover tender plants
  • Spray pests
  • Ventilate the greenhouse on warmer days

So here’s to a wonderfully sunny spring season to come, filled with lots of lovely gardening and growing!  

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