Is February Your Time To Flourish?!

February 1, 2024

Hello February… yes that’s right, we have survived those dreaded January blues, the evenings are becoming lighter and the promise of spring is just around the corner. We are already seeing daffodils popping up to say hello, although probably regretting their early appearance, as we seem to have been hit by numerous unexpected storms here in the UK. Hopefully the extreme winds and rain have died down now and we can venture comfortably into our gardens, without being blown angrily across them and drenched in the process!

We have seen that lots of you have got off to a strong start this year and are already seeing seedlings sprouting. There really is no better feeling than returning to your greenhouse and seeing green leaves springing up from the soil where you once planted a shy little seed. If you’re not in this camp and are reading this panicking that you’ve not even started and have missed out, do not fear… this is exactly why a greenhouse is ideal. It takes away that pressure and allows all year round growing and planting, so this can be done whenever you’re ready.

We have got off to a great start here at Vitavia HQ, keeping our drivers busy with lots of greenhouse deliveries across the country and Garden Centre greenhouse training is well under way. We’re heading to the Garden Press Event in London in a few weeks’ time and are really looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and meeting new ones too. Following that we are booked onto the Greenfingers Charity Walk in March and can’t wait to raise money for our company’s chosen charity, who aim to provide all life-limited children, their families and carers, within their hospice, beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces to explore nature. You can find out more about the charity here.

So before we come to a close, if you are in need of some inspiration to flourish this February, it is a really good time to sow hardy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, kale, carrots, radishes and peas in your greenhouse. What a delicious rainbow coloured plate of goodness they would all make as well. We’re definitely salivating at the thought over here!

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