Spring Has Officially Sprung!

March 20, 2022

As your eyelids start to twitch from the sunlight creeping through the cracks in your curtains and your ears start to prick up from the sound of chirping birds, it’s safe to say, there really is no better way to start the day!

Spring really is the most beautiful time of the year. The sunshine and blue skies make everything better and the lighter mornings and evenings extend those precious daylight hours. It feels as if all around us nature is awakening. Beautiful buds and blossom decorating the trees, seedlings sprouting to let us know they’ll be joining us again for another year of growing and our lawns have never looked so lush or smelt so delicious.

Hopefully you used the winter months to give your greenhouse a good clean and tidy, so it’s now sitting proud and sparkling in your garden ready for some serious growing.

It’s time to get sowing seeds, pricking out and taking cuttings.

  • Start your greenhouse crops such as peppers, aubergines, tomatoes and melons
  • Sow outdoor veg like celery, peas, cauliflower, celeriac and peas
  • Plant seed potatoes for new potatoes in late spring
  • Sow annuals for outdoor displays, perhaps antirrhinum, bedding begonias, impatiens, lobelia, mimulus, nemesia, phlox, rudbekia, zinnias, to name but a few!

So, as you step into your garden and inhale the scrumptious smell of spring, know that we absolutely love being just a small part of your growing journey.

Happy growing with a spring in your step!

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