We’re Singin’ In The Rain

August 15, 2022

Finally, we have had some rain here in the UK and oh my goodness it smells so delicious doesn’t it?! The parks were filled with children looking up to the sky opened mouthed to feel the raindrops on their tongues and I am sure every plant, crop and blade of grass was doing exactly the same. It’s been a very long dry few weeks for us and we are not good with any type of extreme weather over here. When it snows our car wheels slide all over the roads and in the heat, the tarmac melts and our gardens resemble that of a scarecrow’s hair!

The sun has certainly given us all a much needed boost of vitamin D and although our gardens have been extremely thirsty, we have never seen so many ripe and juicy crops ready to harvest. Your greenhouses have been the perfect home to lots of mouthwatering crops like tomatoes and cucumbers and what better way to enjoy them than in a delicious salad outside on a warm summers evening.

We at Vitavia have continued to be extremely busy delivering greenhouses across the UK to our lovely customers. Our drivers and installers have been incredible and managed to continue as normal regardless of the heat. Secretly, I don’t think they have ever been so keen to get in their vans with the air con on full blast!

Our headquarters is prepping for a new office move in the coming weeks, so we have been really busy sorting and filling what feels like hundreds of boxes! We will of course update you all once we have settled in, hopefully in September, although August seems to be disappearing at record speed.

We hope you all continue to have a wonderful summer come rain or shine!

…what a glorious feelin’, we’re happy again!

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